Tree Service FAQ

Common Tree Service Questions and Concerns

Q: My trees or plants look bad. Are they stressed or what?

A: 1st of all ask yourself… has the environment around them changed? Have you taken out grass and/or put in rock? Have you sprayed any pesticides at them or around their base? Possible watering problems? You have to become a detective to find out what causes this to happen… if you look hard enough you’ll find it! Call Ultimate Tree and Yard Work for a free consultation as we are experts in the diagnosis of tree and plant problems.


Q: When should I prune my trees or plants properly?

A: many species need to be pruned at different times of the year, and each needs to be pruned differently depending on each species. This is why it is important to have an arborist out to give you a clear report on the proper care for your yard. Also only a trained arborist knows the proper way to cut your tree to minimize shock and promote healthy, safe healing!


Q: I can’t afford to have all my trees treated or pruned… what can I do?

A: I’m so glad you asked me this! The answer is simple… this is how you know a professional arborist from a smooth talking salesman. Ultimate Tree and Yard Work will come out and do a report on your yard and work out a schedule on the most important items needing to be addressed, such as hazards to your family or diseased items.