Tree Removal Cave Creek

Safe, Professional Tree Removal in Cave Creek

Tree Removal Cave Creek>No matter your reason for wanting a tree removed, Ultimate Tree and Yard Work has the experienced professionals to handle safe tree removal. We service the entire Cave Creek area, so call us first. Using an inexperienced tree service or trying to remove a tree yourself can be dangerous. Large trees need to first be stabilized and removed in pieces. Our team has both the expertise and the equipment to ensure the tree is removed safely.

If you are uncertain whether a tree poses a danger or not, our certified arborist will assess its health and strength. He will advise you on the best course of action. If you want to keep a tree but it is ill, we have methods of improving its health, when possible. Trimming dead and affected branches and limbs as well as fertilizing the tree are a couple of the ways it can possibly be saved.


Some of the trees we remove include

  • Cactus Removal
  • Palm Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Storm Damaged Trees
  • Lightning Strike Trees
  • Removal for Construction
  • Infested or Diseased Tree Removal

Damaged Tree Removal

Trees are a wonderful investment as long as they are healthy and maintained. When a tree is diseased or malnourished, it is weak. A weak tree poses a hazard to people and property. If you think you may have a damaged tree, do not hesitate to call us. Once a tree falls it can bring down power lines, block walkways, impede drivers on the street, or cause serious damage to property. If you are in doubt, it is important to have the tree checked before it gets that far. When you call us about a sick tree, we make an immediate appointment and come right out.

We also offer tree removal for building purposes. Our stump removal and grinding leaves the area smooth so you can move forward with your building project.

Call now for any type of tree removal, including emergency services.

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