Tree Pruning Cave Creek

Tree Pruning Cave Creek

Tree Pruning Cave Creek

Tree maintenance is a big part of the health and overall appearance of a tree. Ultimate Tree and Yard Work has experienced tree care professionals and an ISA certified arborist on staff to ensure your trees get everything they need. Our tree pruning service assists trees in growing strong while improving their longevity. Call today for any tree care service in Cave Creek or the surrounding areas.

How do pruning and tree cutting help?

Cutting off the dead or overtaxed areas of a tree allows it to refocus more nutrients to a smaller area. When this is not done, the tree may have too voluminous an area to successfully spread the nutrients.

Because trees in the wild get more nutrients from decayed leaves and other natural debris that falls around the tree and feeds the soil, they have a larger breadth of nourishment to go around. They are able to feed all the branches, limbs, and leaves on the tree. Trees that are part of a yard or business’s landscaping generally have grass, rock, or cement around the base, and falling leaves and other debris cannot get through or is consistently raked away. The soil does not get the same level of naturally occurring fertilization. This lack of fertilizer leaves trees a smaller amount of vitamins and minerals to go around.

Trimming off excess branches and leaves enables a tree to utilize a greater amount of nutrients for its remaining parts. This helps trees and shrubs thrive and avoid being overtaxed. Pruning can also get rid of diseased areas of a tree before they spread.

For fruit trees, pruning creates larger, more flavorful fruit and an overall improved yield. This is accomplished by keeping the number of limbs and branches down so the fruit is better fed.

Large trees that spread over a large section of lawn can also keep sunlight from getting through to the grass and plants below. Trimming allows sunlight to get through the branches so the grass below can also thrive.

Tree Trimming

Tree Pruning Cave Creek

Our experienced team identifies which branches and limbs are the best candidates for trimming off. Too much pruning and a tree will not get the necessary amount of sun. Cutting branches that are too large can also expose a wide open surface to disease. Our arborist has the intricate understanding of how to select the right areas and right amount of trimming to improve a tree’s health without going overboard.

When you schedule regular tree care service with us, you can rely on us showing up on time and on a regular basis without the need to call and reschedule each time. We stay in touch with you and ensure we come at the right intervals to maintain the health of your landscaping. We even handle all the cleanup so the area is neat when we leave.


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