Palm Tree Specialist Phoenix

Are you looking for a palm tree specialist?

Palm trees are a common sight in Phoenix. There are several different varieties in the region, and you may even have multiple types in your own yard. Some require more kinds of care than others. Instead of worrying about learning about all of these things on your own, give us a call at Ultimate Tree and Yard Work. As palm tree service specialists in Phoenix, we can take care of any and all of your palm tree needs, from planting, to maintenance, to removal.

Can I trim my own palm tree? While it’s possible to trim palm trees on your own, it’s not recommended. Palm trees are different than other types of trees and present their own set of unique risks. In larger palm trees, removing fronds can cause several nearby ones to fall as well. This can not only cause injuries, but can even be fatal, and we highly recommend hiring a licensed professional to take care of larger palms for you.

What kind of palm tree services do you do?

Palm Tree Specialist Phoenix
When it comes to palm trees, there are several services that can be done depending on the type of tree that you have. Some of the services we commonly do include:

  • Trimming. Trimming palm leaves, especially larger ones, requires specific techniques for safety and even trimming. As a certified arborist, we’re familiar with these techniques.
  • Removal. Sometimes, regular maintenance may not be enough. Some palms, such as the Mexican Fan Palm, continuously drop seeds that have to be frequently removed.
  • Tree health care. If you have one or more palm trees that are sick, we might be able to get them healthy again. Insects and disease can attack your tree and we’ll help get them out.
Some palm trees are toxic! Certain species of palm, especially the Sago palm, are dangerous to children and extremely poisonous to dogs. If you have pets or small children, we recommend immediate removal by experienced professionals, as even touching them can irritate skin and cause rashes.

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When you choose us, you choose a full-service tree care company that not only know how to work on palm trees, but other trees and plants in Phoenix as well. Our arborists know how to do services like pruning and shaping trees, and also know advanced techniques such as deep root fertilization too. And we’re available for a quick response in an emergency! So if you need any help with your palm trees or any other tree species, give us a call or contact us today!

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