Palm Tree Specialist Cave Creek

Palm Tree Specialist Cave Creek

Cave Creek’s Preferred Palm Tree Specialist

Palm trees are to Arizona what conifers are to temperate mountainous regions. They grow exceptionally well in our climate and add unique character to Cave Creek’s skyline.

But as palm trees grow, their older fronds die. However, the fronts don’t always fall off on their own.

And to prevent pests like scorpions and rats from nesting in the dead areas, they must be removed. Albeit very carefully.

Improper pruning of palm tree fronds can cause permanent damage to the tree, beyond where the frond was cut. And removing fronds can cause several nearby ones to fall as well, causing injuries, or worse. We highly recommend hiring a licensed tree professional to take care of larger palms for you. 

Our tree service specialists know which fronds to cut and when, using sharpened and sterilized tools to ensure a clean cut. And we only remove limp, dry, wilted, or diseased fronds. Removing healthy ones can cause stress for the tree and may potentially lead to further frond health and appearance issues.

Why prune palm trees?

  • It has become a fire hazard
  • The fronds block walkways
  • The tree has many dead or dying fronds
  • Pests have nested in the tree
  • It blocks visibility

Certified palm tree trimming and maintenance services

There are more than one species of palm tree, and each requires its own special care. Our arborists know how to identify and treat each type to help it flourish. And though palm tree trimming is a large part of our business, we also offer a variety of other services that require special knowledge, including:

  • Tree Removal – If a tree is growing too close to a structure, it can cause serious damage to the foundation. We fully remove or relocate trees that have become a nuisance, developed a disease like pink rot, or continually drop seeds. We can also remove trees that are poisonous to pets like the Sago Palm.
  • Tree Planting – Want more trees in your life? We plant new trees to meet your landscaping needs.
  • Palm Tree Health Assessment – Do you suspect a tree on your property is sick? Our licensed arborists can provide professional diagnosis and treatment plans to nurture it back to life.
  • Stump Removal – We also remove and grind stumps left behind after a tree has been felled.

Cave Creek Palm Tree Specialist

Year-Round, Affordable Tree Health Experts

Palm trees should be pruned in the spring, which makes it hard to wait if you notice several that have dried out during the summer.

Unhealthy fronds, though not very pretty, actually help shade the tree; protecting it from extreme temperatures. So, if practical, wait until spring to schedule frond removal.

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