Deep Root Fertilization Phoenix

Are your trees in need of tree fertilizer?

Do you have trees that aren’t growing as they should? Do you want to add trees to your yard but don’t know how to properly plant them? Do your trees look sickly and weak? Then deep root fertilization may be right for you! Fertilizing the deep roots of a tree provides essential nutrients for existing trees, and gives newly planted trees a head start. But you don’t want to entrust this crucial job to anybody. You should always have a certified arborist do such an important job like the tree service experts at Ultimate Tree and Yard Work. We’re qualified to do deep root fertilization and more in Phoenix, and we’ll make sure it’s done right!

Fertilizing tree roots provides several benefitsDeep Root Fertilization Phoenix

Trees that have tree root fertilizer gain many advantages to help them grow strong and the way that they should. Some of these include:

  • In urban environments like Phoenix, trees can have trouble getting the water and oxygen they need due to all of the artificial materials around. By fertilizing the area around the tree, there’s an active source of nutrients nearby.
  • Unlike surface fertilizers, deep root fertilizers are injected deep into the soil by the roots of trees so they can’t be blown away by wind or washed away by water. Instead, the nutrients are put directly into the root system where they’ll stay.
  • Not only does the process help a single tree, but it also increases the aeration and nutrients of nearby soil as well. This means that soil around the targeted tree will also have many of the benefits along with it.

What is deep root fertilization? Deep root fertilization is the process of adding nutrients to the roots of a plant or tree. A liquid fertilizer is shot into the ground using a pressure injector and slowly releases into the roots over time. Because it is a complicated and delicate procedure, it should only be performed by a certified arborist.

 Choose us for tree root fertilizing

Deep Root Fertilization Phoenix
With an on-staff arborist, when you choose us, you choose an experienced company that cares about trees. That’s why we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach, but instead, do an individual assessment of your property to find out what works best for you.

When we’re done fertilizing your new tree, we can also trim your other trees or remove a tree that’s dead, including the stump. Don’t just hope that your trees will grow like they should; let us help give them a better chance! Give us a call or contact us today for any tree care services you need!

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