Certified Arborist Phoenix

Why go with a certified arborist in Phoenix?

certified-arborist-PhoenixMost people can take a pair of shears and cut a few branches off a tree indiscriminately. Only with extensive training and experience are those random cuts transformed into a precision art form. As a certified arborist in Phoenix, Ultimate Tree and Yard Work has taken the extra time to earn certification. Through the extensive training, examinations, and dedication to custo

mer service, we go above and for our customers and have the ISA logos to prove it!

While we can certainly do tree pruning and trimming on your property, as arborists, we can do much more. Advanced forms of tree care such as deep root fertilization should only be done by someone that knows what they’re doing and won’t cause damage to your trees or property.

What makes an arborist special?

Arborists are the doctors of the tree world. They surgically remove dead and diseased branches to restore sick trees back to health. As the leader in tree care and tree health trends, the ISA promotes sustainable practices worldwide. Only after showing competence in ten crucial areas of tree management can a technician earn the coveted ISA certification as an arborist.

What services do your tree arborists do?

As a versatile tree company, we can handle any and all of your tree care needs. Some of the services we commonly do for our clients include:


While we do our best to restore any unhealthy trees back to normal, that’s not always possible. If you have dead trees or trees that are too far gone, we’ll take care of them for you.

Choose us for all your tree service needs

Our goal is to make sure that your trees are healthy not only now, but ready to face the future of the hot Phoenix sun. No matter that task you have, we can handle it. No job is too big or too small! And you can be at ease knowing that our certified arborists will take care of your trees the right way. We do whatever it takes to see you and your yard happy. Because when it comes to tree and yard work, you don’t just deserve great; you deserve the Ultimate! Call or contact us today to set up a yard care assessment at your property.